perjantai 16. marraskuuta 2012

Things are back to normal

For the moment the city is calm and quiet - as much as it can ever be. The lights are back, the internet is working, and the milongas and classes run normally. And we are also running as normal. Whew. And I just realized that I am so perfectly happy now that every day we can do what we want to do: we can go shopping or to classes or visit the city and choose where to go eat and what flavor of ice cream I want today and which of the many milongas we choose to go to or if we stay at home. Or do nothing. Hmm, this starts to sound familiar, I've heard about this kind of thing before - is it called a HO-LI-DAY??? I so needed this.

* Yesterday we got Pasi's third pair of shoes from Sra Leo, and they fit perfectly now! I took my pair back to be fixed. Pictures later.

* A class of Tango salon by Marta y Manolo, in the style of the 50s! We learned the salidas of the 30s, 40s and 50s, some fun steps, and found out that in the 40 there really was a test you had to take as a leader to be able to enter the dance floor, and there really was a guy to guard the pista and if you behaved in an non-orderly way, you got a warning, and if you did it again, you were thrown out!

* Dinner with friends at the famous restaurante autoservicio Bellagamba Bodegon ; thank you Kiamal and Susanne for a fun night!!!

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