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Shoe shopping

Links and info about tango shoe shops! Let me know if your favorite shoe shop is missing, or if you find that the contact information has changed!

* My favorite brand: Comme Il Faut at Arenales 1239, door 3, apt. M.  Open Monday-Friday 11-19, Saturday 11-15. Shoes only for women. Heels 7,5cm and 8,5cm are recommendable; nowadays they have some models also with a lower heel. Prices around 750-790 pesos.

* NeoTango at Sarmiento 1938. Shoes for men and women; men's shoes also in small sizes. Also sneakers. Cool designs for both sexes, comfortable heel, clear shop: low heels on the right hand side and high heels on the left. Low meaning 7 cm and high 8-9 cm. Price around 750 pesos.

* The new hot shoe brand for women: Souple at Parana 348, 2 A. Open Monday-Friday 13-19, and could be wise to call first to make sure lady Souple is there (11-4371-6813 or 15-5327-3424). The sole is very soft, flexible (hence the name) and well cushioned, the heel is very distinctive, well placed, and you see many professionals wearing this shoe. The fit seems to be for a normal foot. They have several models, and the heel height is 8,5 or 9,5 cm. In one shoe they have a 7cm heel, but the style is more ballroom or salsa and not so much a tango shoe. We are praying for a 7,5cm heel and a wider fit... Prices around 700-800 pesos.

* DNI tango store at the DNI tango school on Bulnes 1011; also a web shop. Open Monday-Saturday 13-20. Great shoes for women: one comfortable heel height, 7,5cm. Three models. Two widths. I love the rubber sole; great for slippery floors and performances! Also several types of sneakers with different heels. Price 630 pesos for the heels, a bit less for the sneakers.
Men's shoes: 3 different models + sneakers. Fun designs and colors. Price 630 pesos.

* 4 Corazones have great sneakers for men and women. Av. Callao 257, 3rd floor.

* Alanis at Diagonal Norte 936. Women's tango shoes with different heel heights, bright colors, flexible sole, padding. Monday-Friday 10-19, Saturday 11-13. Some people swear by these shoes; did not convince me.

* GretaFloraAcuña de Figueroa 1612, in Palermo Soho, Monday-Friday 11-19 and Saturday 14-19. 

* A Swedish girl who makes the shoes herself!!! Three models of high heels and the famous flat dance shoes from Katrinski; check also the Facebook page. Women's shoes.

* 2x4 al piemen's shoes with interchangeable sole. Very soft construction, almost a sneaker, soft heel. Scalabrini Ortiz 1753, Dpt 3. Monday-Friday 14-19, Saturday 15-19. They used to have a women's shoe also, but not any more. 

* Fabio shoes: sneakers for men and women, and maybe also high heel shoes again. Showroom on Riobamba 10, piso 10 A. Monday-Friday 11-19, Saturday 11-16. 

* Tango Leike on Sarmiento 1947. Women's shoes, also with a lower heel. 

* VB tango shoes in San Telmo, Independencia 389. Shoes for women and men

* Traditional tango shoes on Suipacha street: Flabella on Suipacha 263 and Darcos on Suipacha 259. Check also Suipacha 256 on the other side of the street; that's where I bought my first (5 pairs of) tango shoes!!!. Shoes for men and women. And they still have the amazing full glitter shoes!!! I think I need one pair...

* Raquel at Bolivar 554 in San Telmo. Shoes for men and women. One model of a lace up practice shoe with 5cm heel. Also custom made shoes for a higher price.

* A new shoe shop on Estados Unidos in San Telmo, Alma. They have several models with different heels, a nice shop, and they also can build an arch support or an olive in the shoe if you feel you need that. The fit seems to be for a normal foot (with long toes). Only women's shoes.

* And the best shoes for men come from Señora Leo. Shoes made to measure, you choose the model and leather and the heel, and get a shoe that fits like a glove and last for years. Pasi has already written about this. The small shop Artesania AR-SIL at Avenida Juan de Garay 908, on the border of San Telmo and Constitution. I usually take the subte to San Juan and then walk along Tacuari street. Open Tuesday-Friday 12-18, Saturday 11-16. Very reliable and friendly people, a family business, making shoes for 27 years! Price around 600-650 pesos, depending on the materials used.

They make shoes also for women, and I recommend it if you need a special fit, like much wider shoes or feet very different sizes or shapes, or want a special design. They also make normal street shoes, sandals and lace up shoes, so if you have the dream shoe in your mind, with pink and glitter and leopard, go for it! If you find easily ready-made shoes from the regular shops, then this process of shoes made to measure might not be worth the trouble. I have had some shoes made, and I use them as summer sandals, because for tango they are not the best for me. I'm getting one new pair tomorrow, let's see how they fit!

Even though the shoes are made to measure, there might be problems about the fit, especially with the first pairs. So don't hesitate to tell them the problem and they will fix it. Sometimes it is best to use the shoes for a couple of days and then you know if they fit or not, and then you still can take them back to be fixed.

* Shoes made to measure, for men and women, also from FattomanoGuatemala 4464, Palermo Botánico, just off Scalabrini Ortiz, tel. (5411) 4832-3156 or 4832-9633
and PH Tango,  Grito de Asencio 3602, Pompeya, tel. 4911-0925.

* Another list of shoe shops in BA!

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