keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2012

Nature happens

Hi everybody, we are still alive!!! There was a huge storm over a week ago, there was rain and thunder outside and rain also inside, and the electricity was cut for a day, an then the internet was gone for over a week. Now we got it back!!!!! But today the city is again in chaos, I don't know why, but the electricity is cut in large areas. It seems the hospitals are also without power! Many milongas are also closed tonight because of no electricity. A tango class was cancelled where we were supposed to go. The subway is not running... Check what's happening in the city and practise your Spanish with this article of La Nacion!

Tonight's program will continue like this: sitting on the computer, eating ice cream and coping with the heat. For change, we do have internet and electricity. And water. No air conditioning though, and it is 35 degrees Celsius outside... But we have ice cream!!! Favorite combination so far: limon, mousse de limon and dulce de leche. Mmmm....

What have been doing during the radio silence? We have been going to classes and milongas every day, we have a great circle of friend with whom we hang out, and life is good. Shoe shopping as always... not telling how many pairs! I also found many beautiful dresses for milongas and performances, you will certainly see them!!!
Visiting the yarn stores on Scalabrini and fabric stores on Lavalle; so far I have been good, I only bought one piece of fabric, but let's see how much I can fit in my suitcase...

The story continues - keep following!!!

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