sunnuntai 14. lokakuuta 2012

Weekend news

* On Friday we went to the class of Los Totis, Virginia Gomez & Christian Marquez. Their class was recommended by a friend, I did not know them before. They dance elegant tango salon style, in choreographies they use skillful show elements, and their musical precision is amazing!
The class was nice, they showed a beautiful sequence with classical and interesting and seemingly simple but actually complicated elements, and we could do it, and during the class they both came to help us and then we did it better. And they did not tell us to push or pull or change the embrace, so that was refreshing!

Here are some videos of them:
Lovely vals, amazing jumps for the men!!! Musical and quick milonga; women will maybe recognize some adornos that we practiced at Ruskatango-festival! Here is one more link including tangos and the milonga, filmed at another angle.

What do you think, would it be nice to invite them to Finland?

* Friday night we continued the evening at the milonga Yira Yira at La National. La National was closed for some years, and now it is open again, which is very good, because the venue is nice and the floor is very good. All this you can see on this video of the milonga, filmed earlier this year.

* I have found my long lost twin, Kristin from Norway; several people, even her roommate who has seen her every day the last 2 months, has mixed us up!  Her roommate thought that she is at home sick in bed, and suddenly she saw her dancing in a milonga... Kristin has been great, she updated our milonga knowledge the day we arrived and made us feel welcome, thank you Kristin!!! This photo is taken in the small hours of morning in front of La Viruta, after a day and night of dancing in Practica DNI, Milonga10, Cachirulo and Viruta.

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