tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2012

Buen día, Buenos Aires!

After three movies, two bottles of champagne and a million long hours, the plane finally landed in Buenos Aires. Calm down mother, the champagne bottles were very very small.
We spent the first day with Carina: she was our lovely angel and saved us when we could not get into our flat in the morning. We had a very happy reunion: she has stayed 4 months in Tampere, and she arrived in BA only two days before us! She cooked us a lovely dinner and baked rye bread (pan de senteno), so we all felt at home.

In the evening we got to our new home: the lovely flat of our friends and tango colleagues Solange Chapperon and Gonzalo Orihuela. They are now on tour in Europe with their company Kambras with their new production Cram. If you happen to be in Switzerland or Germany in October-November, go and see the show!!!

Finally, a mystery picture: find Pasi and Theo the cat!

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