perjantai 19. lokakuuta 2012

El desayuno

Continuing the breakfast theme...
Presenting to you the media luna, the main ingredient of the breakfast in Buenos Aires.

Arriving home after a successful trip to the supermarket.

Climbing to our roof terrace...
and finally enjoying the breakfast!
Or, hmm, let's say brunch!!!

This week has been quite rainy, so we have taken every chance to sit on our roof and enjoy the sun. This morning we woke up to thunder and lightning; the whole bedroom was full of flashing lights, and thunder and rain roaring on our terrace. Now the sun seems to be back and the birds are singing.

Funny how you can buy ready-made tostados at the bakery, with all kinds of different fillings, and toast them at home! Tostado con jamon y queso, por favor! 

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