keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

For once, first time in a long long time, we decided to go to a festival just for fun. And my god it was worth it! When working with tango it is too easy to slip into working mode or just stay at home during the week-end when ever that is possible. No obligations, all you have to do is rememeber to eat and drink. Sleeping optional. Except that sleeping during a tango festival is luxury one seldom has a chance and therefore we tried that, too. It was weird... but definetily wonderful!
We met alot of old friends from the time when none of us were teachers yet. By coincidence for many of us this was the first festival in a long time we were able to attend without working there. We definetily have to do that more. All of us.
After all, that is why we do tango. Love for the art of tango music and dance. It is better to do it instead of talking about it...

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