torstai 31. toukokuuta 2012

Wonderful, wonderful StPetersburg!!!

First I have to say SPASIBA BOLSHOI!!! Again we had such a great time as guests of Maxim and Gala in their tango school Caminito in StPetersburg. Thank you for inviting us and taking such good care of us!!! And thank you Sasha for the formidable themes for the classes, Igor for letting us sleep among the Russian classics and antique philosophers, Alisa for the excellent translations in and outside the classes, Luba for the cakes and beauty, Volodja for driving us safely through the crazy traffic, and Vala for photos and being our raccoon. And thank you students for working so hard and with concentration!!! And next time I hope I can speak a bit more Russian... I have books now!!! Da svidanija, spakoinoi notshi!

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