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Workshop in beautiful StPetersburg 25.-27.5.2012

And the amazing and beautiful program of the weekend!!! Thank you Maxim, Gala and Sasha, we are happy to return to your beautiful city and school!

“ Pasi & Maria Elisabet Lauren are at the Studio of Argentine tango ‘Caminito’ on May 25, 26 and 27!
They last visited us in March 2010, they performed classes and shows, danced ungrudgingly
at local milongas of ‘Tangomania’ studio and ‘AT’ club. And we also were happy to meet them at fests that took place in Tampere and Helsinki.
Pasi & Maria Elisabet Lauren – experts in Argentine tango, as well as organizers of International Argentine Tango Festivals and performers of tango show numbers, well-known throughout Europe and the USA, are coming in St. Petersburg again!

Schedule and topics:
We’ve decided to cover some successive topics in order the participants could get the most useful ideas of how Argentine tango functions.
25 May, Friday:
19.00 - 20.20 – How to use the space while dancing, the space within a pair. Ideas, exercises and practical modes.
20.30 - 21.50 – Three minutes: what one tango and one tanda are about? Ideas, exercises and practical modes.

26 May, Saturday:
17.00 - 18.20 – Slowdown and speeding-up of the motion. Doublings and pauses.
18.30 - 19.50 – Variations with rhythm. Observation the phrase of dance: in separate phrases. Rhetorical investigation of melody and its expression (articulation) while dancing.

27 May, Sunday:
13.00 - 14.20 – Male, female and pair technical skills. Developmental exercises and practical modes.

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