perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014

Workshop in Helsinki, Finland 29.-30.03.2014

We will be teaching in Helsinki in one week! A whole weekend!!! Amigos del Tango ry is organizing a workshop weekend for us at El Atico 29.-30.03.2014. Please register quickly; we will not be teaching so many weekend workshops this year in Finland, so take
this chance!!!

The topics of the classes are : 

Lauantai/Saturday 29.03.2014

1) musicality (all levels) 12.00- 13.30

2) tomas, pasadas y barridas (int) 14.00- 15.30

3) vals turns and the musicality (int-adv) 16.00- 17.30

Sunnuntai/Sunday 30.03.2014

4) colgadas and steps around follower's axis (int/adv) 12-13.30

5) back sacadas for him and her (adv) 14.00- 15.30

And of course, in every class the connection to the music and the partner are an essential part of the training!

Register with a partner via e-mail

Hinta 15eur/ workshop


El Ático, Kumpulantie 1 (Itä-Pasila), 8. kerros/ 8th Floor
Soita numeroon 045-8560608 kun olet etuovella, jotta voimme ylhäältä avata oven.
Call us on +358-(0)45-856-0608 and we'll open the front door for you from upstairs.

Keskustasta raitiovaunu 9 suoraan oven eteen ja Pasilan asemalta kahdeksan minuutin kävely El Áticoon. Myös linja-autot 22, 59, 505 ja 518 pysähtyvät edessä.
Best connection with tram number 9 that stops in front of the building.

Tervetuloa!!! Bienvenidos!!!

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