perjantai 3. elokuuta 2012

Visiting tango teachers

What a great summer camp we had in Varala!!! Sunny days and amazing thunder storms!!! And great friends, beautiful dancing, laughing, good jokes and bad jokes... Now our house feels quite empty.

But not for long! We have the pleasure to welcome Maxi Gomez and Laura Legasque to our home and our tango community! They are visiting Finland, and teaching also in Tampere. Some of you remember Maxi from last summer, and Laura from Oulu Tango Week some years ago.
The classes are arranged in co-operation with Tango aMoroso and PyM.
Here is the program:

Argentine tango classes, group and private classes! 
Solo and partner technique!

Friday 10.8.2012
17h-18h Women's technique I (Flamencostudio)
18h-19h30 Men's technique I (Studio PyM)

Saturday 11.8.2012
11-12.30 Folklore: Chacarera
12.45-14.15 Tango salon: complex figures
14.30-16 Tango show: coreografia

18-19 Women's technique II
19-> Practica

Price 15e/workshop, technique classes 10e. 
Registration and info Maria Laurén
tel. 040 840 1426

Private classes possible on Sunday 12.8. and Monday 13.8. at the Studio PyM. Contact directly Maxi or Laura on Facebook. 

Maxi y Laura will teach also on Tuesday 14.8. at the Mustalahti harbour 18h-19h before the milonga!

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