maanantai 5. maaliskuuta 2012

Welcome Sabine!

Tomorrow is a big day for our tango friend Sabine: she will see the beauty of our city Tampere and will be embraced by our lovely world famous tango scene! Sabine comes from Erfurt, Germany, where she teaches and runs a tango association. Her big thing is the yearly TangoLehrerTreffen, a weekend workshop for tango teachers, where teachers who teach locally or internationally can meet and learn from each other. It happened just this last weekend; we want to hear the news!

On Tuesday night Sabine will teach at Teerenpeli at 19h and she will also dj at the milonga!
During the week she will participate in our private classes as an extra teacher!
On Saturday PyM and Sabine will teach in Kuopio: technique for hombres, mujeres and parejas!
And for Sunday night we head for the milonga Piritta in Helsinki!
What a week! Join the fun! Make her feel welcome!

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